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“I cannot put into words how grateful I am for all you have done for Lucy over the last few years. You are so kind and loving and also wise and I know that Lucy’s time at ABC will stay with her forever. For my part I cannot imagine how I could have survived without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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-Kira (Guy, Rory, Jamie, Lucy & Sal)



“Thank you for all of the care and guidance you have given to Everett (and Isla) over the past few years. We’ve loved being part of the ABC Montessori family and we will miss you very much! All the best”

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-Megan & Jonathan (Isla & Everett)


“We have put two of our three children in ABC Montessori Preschool, and the third will be starting in the fall! We have been very pleased with our engagement with the school and the teachers. Having a girl and a boy, both with different talents as well as needs, we have been able to see the full potential and abilities of the teachers.ABC Montessori Preschool provides a nurturing, caring, fun and academically challenging environment. My daughter is more than ready for kindergarten and will continue to excel greatly because of the strong skills she learned at ABC. The balance between creative play (which allows them to imagine and learn) and structured learning time is just as it should be. I also am particularly pleased with the opportunity for my children to be leaders to new and younger children joining the school and allowing them to understand that learning goes beyond simply a teacher and a student, that it can be rewarding for learning to occur between peers. The performances throughout the year are amazing and are such a great experience for their ages, as well as pure enjoyment for us to watch. I trust the teachers at ABC as much as I trust my family and the friendships and relationships I have built with them will be hard to replace once our preschool years are over.”

– Kelli and Boyan Vukelic


“We are delighted with the ABC Montessori Preschool! We chose it because of the structure of the Montessori program and the flexibility and dedication of the teachers here. We are impressed by the reading, writing and counting skills our child has acquired by the age of 3 and how much she enjoys these activities. She has also developed a love of singing, dancing and performing which we did not know she had. All this is directly attributable to the teachers who lovingly assist the children in their play and learning. When she comes home, our child pretends she is her adored teacher Pamini, happily telling her parents what to do!”



“ABC Montessori is a wonderful preschool. The teachers are very friendly, kind, professional and clearly have a passion for what they do. All 3 of my kids went there and went on to Kindergarten well prepared and surpassed regular expectations. They would come home from preschool so proud of themselves and excited to show us that they could count in French, tell me the continents or practice their upcoming school concert. They taught them that learning is fun! Our kids have gained a solid foundation and a love of learning that I’m sure will continue through all of their educational years. We are always grateful to the wonderful teachers at ABC Montessori for giving them this gift.”

– Nick and Tamra


“The teachers at ABC Montessori Preschool are kind, patient and knowledgable.  They get to know the students individually and develop their passions and talents.  Our daughter wakes up excited about school every day.  She has learned to sing countless songs, do art projects, dance (which she does all the time now), and is starting to write and read (at the age of three).  The pedagogy mixes creativity with traditional Montessori exercises in a friendly and inclusive environment.  The school is such a gift in our daughter’s life and we consider ourselves lucky to have found it.”

– Marsha and Bernd Schwericke


“ABC Montessori is an absolutely phenomenal preschool. Our daughter has been attending since she was 2 years and 9 months old, and I couldn’t be happier with her experience there. The teachers are absolutely wonderful- caring, attentive, and vigilant. They focus on scholastic learning, improving the children’s social skills, physical activity, and the simple importance of kids having fun together. Our daughter is excited to go to school every morning and smiling whenever we pick her up. We are thrilled that we found ABC Montessori.”

– Erin Kenny