Over the years the word “Montessori” has taken many forms and practices deviating from the original. ABC Montessori Preschool however cultivates the authentic Maria Montessori Method of Education which consists of certain key elements imparted by Montessori trained professionals. These elements are primarily giving priority to a child’s natural psychological, social and physical development and respecting a child’s potential.

The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.” – Dr. Maria Montessori. This is the philosophy that guides the teachers at ABC Montessori Preschool as they implement the basis of the Montessori Method – keenly observing and guiding their precious charges, allowing them to set their own pace, introducing material in gentle increments and encouraging each child to mingle with others in the class with confidence. This is the foundation for the next step into elementary school education which ensures psychological and social success for every child.