The following are the building blocks of the Montessori teaching concepts :

Practical Life:

These exercises pertain to everyday living and help develop children’s fine motor skills. Mastering basic tasks such as putting on a pair of shoes, buttoning a jacket or tidying up after playtime builds confidence and social skills.


As the name indicates, these activities are designed to target the five senses. Children engage in activities that refine their sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste.


Language is introduced to the children from the inception of their education and presented through stories, songs and poems. This reinforces the basic language skills they have already mastered and paves the way for more in-depth understanding of the written and spoken word.


Children begin by learning basic numbers and once he or she has grasped those, they will be introduced to the teens, tens and beyond. Once the teacher ascertains that the child has a concrete understanding of these, they will be gently guided towards addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

In addition to these fundamentals, ABC Montessori Preschool offers French and Spanish lessons, a variety of arts and craft projects and outdoor play time to encourage physical activities as well as a diverse number of field trips that round off their education.